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Many of the publishers we represent prohibit us from advertising their titles and prices on the internet. And so you will not see magazine titles and prices on our website.

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We primarily offer magazine subscriptions at good prices to special groups of people – people who are in unique occupations or unique situations.

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As you can tell by my 10 new subscriptions ($126 total) since October 5, 2009 your stellar customer service is greatly appreciated. Unbeatable prices AND great customer service! Do you guys really exist or are you just a figment of my imagination? I've tried all the prisoner Magazine Service, and you've won my patronage forever, hands down!

Calvin H. - Columbia, SC

Dear AMS, I received your reply-back letter. And I would like to thank you for taking the time to call-up the publishers of the magazines I ordered and obtain the start-up dates & corrections necessary for them to begin sending me my magazines. As a matter-of-fact I've already received two issues of Southwest Art. Thank you again for your great customer service care.

Daniel L. - Coalinga, CA

Dear AMS, Thanks for your response to my last request. I had problems with my TV Guide coming. How you deal with these issues really shows what you're about & where your values are. AMS has met & exceeded my expectations. I'm very happy with your efforts to make things right. A life-long customer,

Joshua L. - Gunnison, UT

I've received my magazines. Thank you.

Dennis G. - Tucson, AZ