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We are not an Internet Marketing Company – we are a Direct Mail / Mail Order Company.
Many of the publishers we represent prohibit us from advertising their titles and prices on the internet. And so you will not see magazine titles and prices on our website.

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We primarily offer magazine subscriptions at good prices to special groups of people – people who are in unique occupations or unique situations.

To purchase from our American Magazine Service you must make your selections from our Direct Mail catalog. If you haven’t received one in the mail, you may go to our Join Mailing List page where you can have our catalog mailed to you – either by regular mail, or by email.


Thank you for keeping your word 100% and correcting a mistake. When I get out of here I will do righteous business the same as y'all do at your company.

Lazerick S. - Abilene, TX

Thank you so very much for your kind words in dealing with my situation I can only say that I am sorry for the nasty letters I sent. I will be sending you numerous orders in the future.

Jason J. C. - Westville, IN

Dear AMS, I've heard good things about your service, so I've switched over to your company.

Geoffrey R. - Homer, LA

Dear AMS, I am so thankful for your company. Inmates like me only 28 cents an hour. Thanks so much for your support to all inmates and your efforts to provide constructive resources for those of us with too much time on our hands! Sincerely,

Everette W. - Monroe, WA